Android Apps



  • WiFi Tether Router
    • $2.50
    • Requires root
    • Got it to work on LG Volt Virgin Mobile
    • Needed to use this because other android devices having problems connecting to bluetooth from PDANet after KitKat. Otherwise, Bluetooth and USB cable works find for Windows computers.
    • https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.snclab.wifitetherrouter&hl=en
      • Had to download apk elsewhere because Virgin Mobile blocks this app on the Google Play Store, but still paid for it.

SSH Daemon

Text Messages

  • ChompSMS
    • To change individual notification, long press on a conversation, select Notifications.
    • The top right 3 dots setting menu is for overall settings.

HTTP Web Server

Command Shells

VNC Server

  • Droid VNC Server
    • to start from shell: /data/data/org.onaips.vnc/files/androidvncserver options
    • 1.1RC0: no text input at all from PC until after left mouse button is clicked. Typed characters all appear at that point. Click and drag both work and the Swype keyboard pops up. Right mouse button has same delayed action.
    • Some keys don't quite translate right:
      • = sends +
      • ! sends ~
      • ~ sends 0
      • < sends *
      • > sends #
      • / sends :
    • Mappings to Android buttons
      • home = home
      • right-click = home
      • pg up = menu
      • pg down = call
      • pg down long press = redial most recent
      • esc = back
      • del = back
      • end = phone sleep
      • type = from the home screen random typing will initiate google search

Photo Editing

  • Photo Editor by dev.macgyver
  • Built in Photo Editor
    • Only rotates at 90 degrees
    • Crops well
  • Photo Crop
  • Photo Editor by Aviary
    • Can rotate limited amount by 1 degree from 90 degree rotations
    • Crops well, but interface is a little weird to me
    • Can add text, plus text above and below image
    • Can edit Auto / Night / Backlit / White Balance / Brightness / Warmth / Contrast / Saturation / Sharpness
    • Can add some stock photo props
    • Can draw on image
    • Can blur a blemish


Repository of Modems, Bootloaders, Kernels, and ROMs:

Flashed wrong bootloader

Clockword Mod Recovery:


  • To switch to RW file system
    • Copy to clipboard
      $ mount -o remount,rw /system
    • If using ADB from computer over USB connection:
    • Copy to clipboard
      c:\> ADB <br> $ su <br> $ mount -o remount,rw /system
  • Force an Android Device to Check for a System Update
    • Usually you can go to Settings > About Phone > System Update to check for available updates, but the problem with that is carriers often have staggered release cycles.
    • Ghacks posts an alternative method. Go to Settings > Apps (or Applications) and select show All. Then find Google Services Framework and click the Clear Data button. Then click the Force Stop button. Note that this might not work on the first try.
    • Another alternative method is to dial *#*#checkin#*#*
    • source: http://lifehacker.com/5946585/force-an-android-device-to-check-for-a-system-update
  • Turn off camera shutter click
    • Rooted Ice Cream Sandwich Epic 4G Touch on Sprint
      • Remove/rename these files
        • /system/media/audio/ui/Cam_Start.ogg
        • /system/media/audio/ui/Cam_Stop.ogg
        • /system/media/audio/ui/camera_click_short.ogg
        • /system/media/audio/ui/camera_click.ogg
        • /system/media/audio/ui/Shutter_01.ogg
        • /system/media/audio/ui/VideoRecord.ogg
        • /system/app/Camera.apk/res/autofocus_error.ogg
        • /system/app/Camera.apk/res/autofocus_ok.ogg
        • /system/app/Camera.apk/res/cameratimer.ogg
  • How to Turn Your Android into a Killer Portable Media and Gaming Center

Virtualize Android

Root Virgin Mobile LG Volt

Upgrade Dell Venue Pro Phone from Win Phone 7.5 to 7.8