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  • Viewing
    • IrfanView
      • Free program. Does lots of image processing, as well as image viewing. No image editing, but it is supposed to be a viewer. Will allow you to change many other parts of the image, though. Highly highly customizable.
      • Started using this as scanner interface to avoid installed all the scanner programs.
      • www.irfanview.net
  • Editing
    • Paint.Net
    • Corel Paintshop Pro X4
    • Microsoft Live Photo Gallery
      • Very good program
      • Does panoramic photo stitching natively, but I also use their specialized plugin
      • Does pretty good at importing pictures from SD cards
      • Use it for straightening, cropping, red eye, and managing photos
    • Microsoft Image Composite Editor
    • Gimp
      • Free. Plenty of options. Interface isn't too much and not too little. Although not always an eye candy setup. Startup is a little slow.
      • http://www.gimp.org/
    • Jasc Paint Shop Pro
      • Pay. Newer versions have gotten some good updates. Good tools at a reasonable price compared to Photoshop. Also, quick startup.
    • Photosynth
    • Perspective Image Correction

File Conversion

File Conversion


  • Viewing
    • VLC Media Player
      • Free. Does almost everything. Hangs on most wmp files. Maybe I just don't have the correct plugin yet. Quick and light weight. I can view movies there when some other players hog the system. Does not lock the file when you stop playback or leave phantom locks on files.
      • www.videolan.org
  • Save Video Streams from Webpages




Save YouTube sound to MP3

VU Meter

WinAmp Visualizations

Music Players to test out

Virus scanning

  • Avast
    • Use this if you can't do Microsoft Security Essentials. Free. When I was looking for something, it was always in the top rankings. Used to like McAfee, but they got too bloated and conked out for a while, although I think they are coming back some. Norton is just too bloated. And the voice that says "Virus database has been updated" is just the best. It's not much of a reason, but that's the biggest catch they have on me. Just get the basic free version.
    • www.avast.com/en-us/index

Text Editing

  • Crimson Editor
    • Good. Fast. Small. Handles big files. Does column editing. Nothing extra pretty, but very good. It just does monospaced fonts. I could not find a free, complete monospace unicode font to install.
    • http://www.crimsoneditor.com
  • Notepad ++
    • Good. Some people swear by it. Does a pretty good job. Has a prettier interface than Crimson Editor. I don't like the tabs as much as Crimson Editor. Favorite feature is code "folding" or "collapsing" where you can collapse lines of code into just one line. Makes it much easier for scrolling through long files of code. Pretty small program to do that, rather than using Visual Studio. I used Arial Unicode to get full character set.
    • http://notepad-plus.sourceforge.net
  • BareTail
    • Real-time file viewing
    • View files of any size (> 2GB)
    • Scroll to any point in the whole file instantly
    • View the end of a growing file in real time, no matter how fast the file grows
    • Like "tail -f" on Unix systems, but with many more features
    • Single small executable, no installer
    • http://www.baremetalsoft.com/baretail/
  • XML Notepad 2007

HTML Editor

Directory Sizes

File Comparison


OS Utilities

File Compression

  • 7zip
    • Fast and easy to use. Free. Should be installed everywhere.

Hardware Utilities

Windows Utilities


Visual Effects

Presentation Annotation Draw on Screen

  • Epic Pen
    • Seemed nice, but...
    • Includes BrightTalk to let them use your computer's power for their own computation
    • Switched to subscription model, but is not creating updated software
    • No longer offers a perpetual license
    • There is a hard to find free version that allows freehand drawing, but not shapes
    • Pushes an affiliate program for 30% commission. Feels very MLM.
    • Not going to post their link

  • Presentation Pointer
    • by Presentation-Assistant.com by GoldGingko
    • Highlights the mouse

  • Ink2Go
    • http://ink2go.org/
    • (Not an https site, so gives insecure warning)
    • Draws on live screen, but no shapes or zoom
    • Shows webcam
    • No mouse highlighting
    • Records screen

  • IPEVO Annotator
    • IPEVO Annotator
    • Meant to work with IPEVO interactive physical whiteboards
    • Appears to work by itself in Windows
    • Freehand, lines, shapes
    • Free

  • Reactive Suite

Virtual Machines

Music Players to test out:

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